Hi and welcome to my world 🙂

When my life took a twist in 2017, I started thinking about keeping a journal. Just to keep track of all the changes I went through and where they were taking me.

After a lot of thoughts about if I should do it, how to do it and what to write about and so on, I finally decided to just do it..

So here it is; my blog – Made By Heart <3

Who I am..? I am a woman/mother of two/social worker/model/creative person trying to live my life as I want to in this crazy world.. I love with all my heart and wear my heart on my sleeve, which can cause some pain once in a while.. I have a weakness for beautiful things and “stuff” (trying hard not to buy everything I see, ’cause that would ruin me), I love sweets to much (especially chocolate) and I’m (still) trying to get a healthy attitude towards that.. So I try to get my work outs done and eat healthy, without being fanatic.. 🙂

On this blog I will write about all of the above and a lot of other things.. Things that inspire me, that makes me wonder, things that are important and that makes me happy.. <3

So please, stick around – it’s nice to have you here <3

XoXo, Sophie