A new day, a new dawn..

New Year..

The first day of the new year always fills my head with a lot of thoughts about what this year will bring.. And today is no exception, though the thoughts are a little different than they use to be.. This year has been a rollercoaster ride; physically, emotionally and mentally.

Right now I am trying to figure out what I want to do for a living.. I went down with stress last year and what I thought was the right job for me, turned out to be the complete opposite. I chose to be a social worker because I wanted to make a difference; wanted to know that I did something that made life a little better for the people who couldn’t do it themselves. But instead I ended up working in a system where we are doing the best we can, but it’s never quite enough. At least I don’t think so.. All the rules, the waiting and lack of ressources are not helping the people we want to help.. And I ended up feeling the complete opposite of what my plan was..  and now I am in this limbo where I need to get my body and mind together and stress down so that I can get back up on my feet without getting sick again.. But that has never been easy to me, so that alone is a challenge and at the same time I’m trying to find out if I need to go in an complete other direction.. I have never felt so lost about my job situation as I am right now. And I have to realize that it takes time to figure out a new plan..

I read this poem/quote from one of my favorite writers (R.M. Drake) yesterday.. I think it has a good positive, yet melancholic, vibe that I like.

”After tomorrow, a new year starts. After tomorrow, a new opportunity arises. After tomorrow, a new version of you is born. Take what you’ve learned this year, and heal from it. Grow from it. And understand how beautiful it is to reach this point – to stand and inhale the life you’ve been granted. Let this new year be your year. Let it be the second chance you’ve been waiting to take. Let it be the answers you’ve been looking for. Let this new year consume you. Let it guide you. And let it give you the hope you need to move forward. After tonight, it begins, and you must know how only the best is yet to come.”

So let’s do it! Let’s make the best of 2018. Let’s seize the day, let’s learn and grow..


Sophie <3